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Our mission is to help people find what you offer. And sometimes it might take a bump, so we've created 3 simple promotions formats.

Pricing varies dynamically, however at the moment as we build out the promotions system and analytics, and widen our audience, the promotions are very cheap indeed... Get involved 🙂

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paid search

Your event or location listing will appear in the top 2 results of any keyword or category search results - local or London-wide - in which it would ordinarily be included (with the exception of a blank search of all listings).

promoted listings

Our promoted listings are guaranteed to appear in the top six listings on either the homepage or whichever category or local area page you choose.

banner ads

These can be displayed pretty much anywhere in the site, and the price varies accordingly. Standard asset dimensions 970×250px.

We'd love to hear from you! Email directly with tips and recommendations for events, places or news features. 



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