SHARKS! - the 2020 Antepavilion

Image credit: Architecture Foundation

SHARKS! - the 2020 Antepavilion

Hoxton Docks, Haggerston

on display until Hackney Council tears them down

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55 Laburnum St, London E2 8BD, UK


Whether or not the Antepavilion is any good isn't really the point. It has become emblematic of the struggle between the freedom to be creative and overbearing council bureaucracy.

For context, the Antepavilion is a yearly competition run by the Architecture Foundation to build an installation at Hoxton Docks on the Regent's Canal. And this year's winner is some sharks leaping out of the water. And the council are trying to have them - as well as previous winners - taken down for breaching planning regulations.

We are not a fan of the sharks, we much prefer the 2018 winner of theatre space built on a barge with a giant yellow blimp on top. However, we will absolutely stick up for the right of the folks at Hoxton Docks to be creative with their space and their bit of canalside without the council sticking its nose in.

You can write to Hackney Council telling them to leave it alone here:

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