Do Robots Dream of Electric Bees?

Image credit: AI-DA ROBOT Ai-Da’s Apis: Gerina 2020 Original oil and giclée on canvas, and chalk pen on acrylic sheet 40.5 x 40.5 cm (image) 61 x 61 cm (frame)

Do Robots Dream of Electric Bees?

Annka Kultys, Cambridge Heath

Thursday 10 September - Saturday 10 October


472 Hackney Road Unit 3, 1st floor, London E2 9EQ, UK

This is a world first.

Ai-da is the world's first artificially intelligent robot artist. (We have no idea how it's pronounced but like to think it's Aida like the opera). This exciting exhibition at Annka Kultys is also the world premier of work by Ai-da at a commercial gallery.

Ai-da was developed and built by a team in Oxford led by Aidan Mellor as an exploration of how artificial intelligence - with all its scope for evil and destruction - could be used in pursuit of something unambiguously wholesome. Apparently "Ai-Da creates her paintings by capturing images using the camera in her eye, which are processed by her AI algorithms to become real space coordinates, and are then translated into drawings using her robotic arm".

Do Robots Dream of Electric Bees? brings together works by the artist - can we call her that? - of remarkable intracacy and breadth. Not to be missed.

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