Among the Trees

Image credit: Linda Nylind; Eija-Liisa Ahtila, Horizontal - Vaakasuora, 2011, at Among the Trees, Hayward Gallery, 2020. © Crystal Eye, Helsinki, 2020. Courtesy of Hayward Gallery. Photo: Linda Nylind

Among the Trees

Hayward Gallery, Southbank

Wednesday 4 March - Saturday 31 October


Hayward Gallery, South Bank, London SE1 8XZ, UK


Did you know that within every tree, shielded from harm by subsequent layers, is an image of its younger self? And that if you peel back the layers built up over time you will reveal, delicate and perfect, the preserved form of the tree as it once was? Well neither did we.

The Hayward Gallery could not have known how appropriate the timing of this exhibition would turn out to be. With those moments in the outdoors providing respite from the restraint of lockdown, many of us found a newfound or renewed appreciation for trees. They are a reassuring presence, a reminder that in spite of all the weirdness some constants remain.

Through a series of installations, photographs, sculptures and paintings from around the world the exhibition explores the way in which we interact with trees and provide a sobering warning about the risk of failing in our duty of care for the natural world.

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