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We are passionate about London: its people and cultures. Our mission is to make it easier for Londoners to find the best of art, music, culture, nights, food & drink, campaigns and loads more that make London the best place to live.


The platform marries carefully curated content with dynamic tech to provide you with bespoke recommendations based on the things you love. Our psLDN mobile app is the first events app that lets you swipe away the events you're not interested in and keep those you are. Personalise your content, from start to finish.


Our approach different to the others. We are fiercely independent. Our outlook is positive, open, inclusive, yet with a subversive and mischievous streak. Our recommendations will cover all that is good in London, with an emphasis on independent venues and independent-minded creators.

We're very excited to help organisers get the word out and help Londoners have fun again.


Any thoughts, give me a shout at We’d love to hear from you. And for now, click the button below and find something to do :)

Luke Arnold


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